Coin Monetization & Realization
Step 1
Start business

Cryptocurrency Exchange
Coin Exchanges distributed domestically and overseas

Trading Ring
Establish an offline store for coin trading to attract current and new customers

Step 2
Improve security and increase transaction volume

Digital Safe Service
Digital safe that can store important files, certificates, coins, etc.

Web Security Access Service
Eliminate user’s PC security vulnerabilities and provide a secure web environment for safe transactions in any exchange.

Step 3
Improve security and expand market power

Original Coin Development
Increase coin value and distribute to market by developing our own coin

Coin Listing
Increases coin value and expands market power

Direction of Development
Establish stable profit structure by expanding new business area as a specialized company of blockchain technology
First Half of 2018

Cryptocurrency & Exchange Development Blockchain R&D Center based on the original Blockchain technology

Second Half of 2018

Open WIZBL Exchange in Korea, Philippines, Taiwan, and Spain. Establish cryptocurrency transaction network through global exchange alliance

First Half of 2019

Expand into new business areas with high added value through technological advancement and industrial application. Local industry of WIZBL blockchain platform through overseas subsidiary

WIZBL Exchange Alliance
WIZBL Exchange Alliance aims to connect with at least 6 direct exchanges and 20 global exchanges.
After launching the beta version in Korea in September 2018, direct exchanges in Taiwan, Spain, Vietnam, Thailand, Philippines, etc., will open this year respectively.