WIZBL will connect the virtual and the real world through Blockchain, the infrastructure technology of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

He is the CEO of WIZBL.

The rapidly changing virtual and real worlds are demanding our choices.

Will we be at the center of all this change and take part in it or should we refuse the change? This is essentially not a matter of choice, but a matter of survival.

Since the last century, we have experienced three different industrial revolutions.

Industry 1.0: The revolution of machinery from steam engines.

Industry 2.0: The revolution of mass production with electric energy.

Industry 3.0: The information revolution via computers and the Internet.

And now, we are living in a world of the Fourth Industrial Revolution where the virtual and the real worlds are connected through ICT.

However, each revolution does not last as long anymore.

With that being said, if you are aware that the adaptation time is getting shorter, do not hesitate to make immediate decisions.

As the Fourth Industrial Revolution is progressing rapidly, a new revolution will be upon us in 5 or 10 years which would require us to make new choices again.

WIZBL provides a business model that corresponds to the core values of the connection between people and technology in an ever-changing world.
I believe that the steps taken in 2018 with engineers who share our ideals will provide a foundation to prepare for the Fifth Industrial Revolution.

The Fourth Industrial Revolution will pass soon.

WIZBL engineers and partners around the world are preparing for the upcoming revolution.

The hyperconnectivity that connects all devices will eventually also connect people with one another.

There is no doubt that blockchain is the underlying technology.

Just as Microsoft, Google, Apple, Amazon, Facebook, Samsung, Alibaba, and Tesla have done, the blockchain companies will also add to the new page of the corporate history.
As all of our employees and partners are working extremely hard day and night around the world, we will repay all of the support that our customers, stockholders, partners, and the government agencies have given us.

Thank you.