What is WIZBL

WIZBL is a company that specializes in the field of blockchain solutions and financial platforms. WIZBL is currently preparing a new global standard blockchain ecosystem based on BRTE (Blockchain Real-time Ecosystem).

We provide a service model specialized for financial platform using the development of blockchain platform and exchange services as our main business.
We have been sharing our business model with our overseas partners to participate in a business related to Fin-Tech, which is the center of the 4th Industrial Revolution era.

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Major Technologies of

Based on BRTE(Blockchain Real-time Ecosystem), WIZBL is applying the blockchain technology to various industries such
as FINLaaS, payment system, medical, and IoT.

  • BRTE (Blockchain Real-Time Ecosystem)

    • "Fintech License As a Service" (FINLaaS)
    • Smart Contract
    • Licensing - Authorization to operate the WIZBL BRTE platform in the specified region.
    • Provide easy integration to launch new products.
    • The BRTE platform is a complete system that wraps seamlessly around the banks’ existing infrastructure offering significant cost savings over buying and integrating components of the digital banking technology.
    • The platform is relatively quick to implement, connecting to an existing legacy back end core banking infrastructure
  • Exchange (Internal Exchange)

    • Exchange Digital Asset to Credit and to Fiat Interchangeably
    • Buy, Sell, or Swap all listed Digital Asset
    • Instant Settlement
  • HS POS (High Speed Point of Sale)

    • HSPOS + Real-Time Blockchain Process = WIZBLPay
    • High Transaction Speed (Min 300, 000 TPS and up to 1 Million TPS)
    • Cost efficient and customizable
    • Scalable and readily available for retail services, and other industries
    • Contactless payment (QR code, NFC, etc)
  • eWallet

    • Asset Management (Managing all digital assets and fiat in one wallet)
    • Able to withdraw funds from crypto assets into fiat currency
    • Transfer crypto from other existing wallets
    • P2P Transfers
    • P2P Cross-border Transfers
    • Special offers and loyalty programs
    • Location Based Service
    • Ad Monetization

Users can manage their various digital money (cryptocurrency) in one wallet. Remittance, exchange, and real-time payment services are available. WIZBLpay is a convenient and fast financial service only for cryptocurrencies. It also supports a wide range of scalability.

  • BRTE platform makes real-time transactions possible.
  • Available as a platform with an independent payment system.
  • Cryptocurrency wallet with excellent security and fast money transfer.
  • Fastest
  • Exchange
    the lower cost
  • Real-time
    between users
  • Various kinds of
    cryptocurrency in
    one wallet

Medical information (such as patient’s diagnosis or treatment, prescription of medications, insurance payment by time order, etc.) can be recorded on the Blockchain, thus making the data immutable. While Data Point can be additionally added through Blockchain, the previous data entries are impossible to change.

Smart Home HubTM System supports energy generated from households, security system, and even various kinds of smart devices. Utilizing the Blockchain with the hub prevents potential direct data management and forgeries caused by external interference.

Smart City

An extended concept of a Smart Home Hub managed by the Blockchain can present a new form of housing in Smart City. This will enable sharing of household resources, and will be an actualization of a shared economy in a true BRTE environment.